The Rad

Exposing the positive vibe is on the top of the list. I cannot be pleased than being surrounded by awesome people with extra positive energy. Every second my eyes meet their eyes, the cadenced giggles from the hilarious jokes, the countless jawdrops when listen to their spectacular thoughts, the silence moment but the ‘slurp’ of hot tasty coffee / chocolate or ‘nyam’ of the delish pizza, and the awkward moment when everyone checks on their phone… those seconds are gift from the Universe!

Nearly rare to feel those moments in the recent situation while everyone is busy with their new life and virtual stuff is the only tool to connect us. Still, the stupid laughs over silly conversations on WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram comments could make me feel alive and wipe away my lonely soul.

Yet, being chained to my iPhone corrupts my time and exiles me from the offline world. 120 minutes are gone in one blink: dozens loves are tapped on the screen, five or fifteen videos are watched on facebook, over-tuned chimes notifications never stop ringing. I am writing this realizing that those 120 minutes were the minutes I took this afternoon to prepare myself before went to the coffee shop to meet real humans.

Yup, the line between online and offline world is so thin, the only way to cut the line must come within myself, only me. It slaps me really hard to know how much time I spent/wasted staring on my phone. The lonely soul assumes there is nobody she could talk to unless those inside the whole wide virtual world.

Now, at this moment, the lonely heart knows she could beat that assumption. She knows assumption will never go right, assumption is the core of the lazy mind. She knows this since a long time ago but the laziness within herself always wins, sigh! She tries to beat the laziness by start writing on this virtual blank page. The rhyme of the fingers tapping on the keyboard/dancing/floor helps the lonely soul transform back into me.

I know how unorganized I am but I also know something big is inside me. I need to beat the laziness and shine brighter. I need to go offline more often and embrace every single thing that will surprise me. I need to break up with my phone, use it only when I need them, right?! Yeah, do not let the offline world drag me and you away from the real world.

Universe will never let you down. The gifts will be granted multiples times. Embrace the real world and meet those fantastic humans who spread the rad vibe! Those rad humans! Yes, you are! I am telling you that you are rad!


*self note for myself*


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