Almost Valentine’s Day

I am less fond of Valentine’s day. No more chocolate from classmate. The internet takes it over as something funny (thanks to 9gag). 

I have no idea what my 2016 would be, especially for this Valentine’s Day. It might be like the usual February, even I wish it could end up like in the movie. Yeah,  (spoiler alert) at the end of the movie, Jessica Biel changed her ritual from hosting the “I hate Valentine’s Day” into celebrating it fully in love with her adorable heart crosser. 

But, like Taylor Swift has beautifully told us in her song, this is not a movie. Well, not a movie, life does not have a scenario and I don’t need to remeber hundred of lines on the script. Life is full of surprise. Let it surprise me. I still do not like Valentine’s Day as long as I do not get the chocolate. I will freakingly love it if 20 people give me chocolate or 1 person buys me a big box of chocolate, and cake, and chocolate candy, and a wine. 

I will definetely date you!


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