The Girl in T-shirt and Jeans

Art can be found everywhere by everyone: in the beholder of pure heart or naked soul, bright visioner, wild wanderer, sleepless dreamer, brilliant conductor, fashion enthusiast, ignorant being, sack of hormones, a breathing life, …everyone.

The way you dress yourself up projects the art of your style. Art is beauty . Beauty is objective tho, you cannot ever subject a beauty. The most essential point of dressing is your comfort. You can google “what should I wear for a date” and the result will show “wear something you are comfortable with”.

Yup. Wear everything that makes you feel relax. Wardrobe malfunction will ruin your day. 1. It makes you worry about how you look; the mosquito bite on your back or the scars you do not want everybody to notice. 2. It kills the moment: you cannot enjoy your moment because half of your mind thinking of what would happen everytime you make a movement!

Reflecting from my own experiences, I give up on trying too hard and not being me. I cannot be that girl who wears cute short skirts or floral dresses as my everyday look. Once or twice would be okay, but everyday (in order to look cute and fashionable) is big no.

To sum up my style, there will be only one word : casual. The title on this post is actually my bio on instagram. I wear t-shirt / hoodie / cardigan + jeans + sneakers almost everyday with additional simple light makeup: mascara and red lipstick. The most comfortable clothes for me!

The essential thing is the comfort you feel within ourself. I always believe there is nothing can dim the light that shines from within. The t-shirt and jeans are my best friend and like what TS1989 said, “we are never out of style”


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