Wanna grab a lunch?

Ever got a text message for lunch date? On holiday in sub-tropical island? Yup. I did. I was. 

It took some hours to get ready for that lunch and I tried on everything. Short skirt, short shorts, cute red jumpsuit, classy shirt, t-shirt, and finally I put on the floral dress and final touch with a denim jacket. 

It was a nice lunch date with a handsome not so tall funny guy. We shared laughs and hilarious jokes. It was the finale season of my dating journey on 2015. I met some cool guys and boring ones. Texting with a lot of interesting guys and pleasure-seekers. It was fun. 2015 was awesome. 

Yet, it turns out the journey still continues and I had an episode 1 of dating series on February. Yup, February. I skipped the first month because I did not have any intention to have any series of dates. The episode 1 was not good. It looks like the season will be called off. Let’s see how many episodes left on season 2. I will definitely share the date outfit (once I get the episode 2, of course) 



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