Ocean of rice – Ubud

2015 was absolutely radiant and gracious. I closed my 2015 with a perfect party and welcomed my first day in 2016 with a full bag of BurgerKing, couldn’t be more proud than this! 

I had one of amazing traveling experiences in 2015. I went to Bali and spent the last 14 days of 2015 visiting the magnificent Ubud, the picturesque Canggu, the breathtaking Seminyak, the unbelievable paradise named Gili Trawangan, and the infamous Kuta. 

Ubud is my most favorite place in Bali, I haven’t visited some cool area such as Nusa Ceningan or Nusa Penida. Yet there is something mystical about Ubud that makes me adore it so much. The green panorama and clear blue sky are some of the reasons. My first experience in Ubud was March 2015 when I felt my very first Nyepi Day, a Balinese day of silence, the religious and cultural tradition where all people should stay quiet in silence and do nothing but meditation and do reflection. I felt in love with Ubud immediately. 

Few months later, my next trip in Bali was on December and I went back to enjoy the magnificent Ubud. 

On the first day, my cousins brought me to the thatch field and waterfall. The waterfall was too crowded so we didn’t go down to climb the rocks. The next day, I took a solo trip. A friend of mine let me borrow his motorbike and with the power of GPS, I drove to Ubud. It was about 1,5 hours from Denpasar. December is a rainy season, so make sure you bring rain coat and umbrella. My first stop was The Sacred Monkey Forest, the infamous place in Ubud to observe and stay close to the monkeys. 

I only had 5 hours to spend in Ubud since I drove around 12 and I should get back around 6. Spending almost an hour at The Monkey Forest, I continued driving to Tegalalang Rice Field. It was raining during my way from The Monkey Forest head to Rice Field but the sky was good with me, when I arrived there, the sky was clear again. 

I stopped by at one of the shops there and made friend with Bapak Wayan. His son guided me to cross the field rice and we enjoyed the view from top. It was breathtaking! Here are some pics from my Ubud Trip. Green and green. 



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