The Ancient Stones

It is still a mystery how people decades ago were able to build a magnificent buildings like Borobudur temple in Indonesia or Pyramids in Egypt. As I am living in Yogyakarta, a truly amazing city, I am so privileged to travel around the city visiting the temples which were built decades ago. Some of them are even believed still burried somewhere nowhere. 

Surely, Borobudur is the biggest one in Indonesia. Yet, there are some great temples available to visit besides the infamous Borobudur. I will show you some of the temples that I have visited! 
Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is the first temple I have ever visited! Came here with my lovely cousin and my mom. Been there for several times after that. 

2. Plaosan Temple

Located near Prambanan, Plaosan temple has a special magical aura, you can also see Merapi Mount from the side of this temple. 

3. Ratu Boko Temple

The perfect place to watch sunset! 

4. Sambisari Temple

A very small temple but worth to visit. Pssst, there is an infamous Soto Bathok near this temple, mainly that’s the reason I visited this temple

5. Kalasan Temple

This temple located next to the main street of Jalan Solo! Stand elegantly behind the carshops. 

6. Ijo Temple

Not so far from Ratu Boko Temple. If Ratu Boko is a perfect place to adore the sunset, this temple is a great place to wait for the sun shows its shine

7. Abang Temple

Wait, where is the stone? It is burried down the hill which is called The Telletubbies Hill. This is the sunset moment captured from the Hill, Abang Temple. 

8. The One and Only, Borobudur Temple

6am in the morning. 


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