Universal Something

Art Exhibition is always a must go moment for me, it occurs might be only once in some moments. As for this one kind of exhibition, it is an annual event: ArtJog. Jogjakarta, the amazing city where I live now, is a city of art and education. No wonder that most of famous creative humans originally come from here, either they are born or growing up in here. 

As the theme for the ArtJog 2016 is Universal Influence, the artworks exhibited at Jogja National Museum are mesmerising artistic, philosophical, and mindblowing. I really enjoyed my time there observing the artworks and reading the captions of the masterpieces. The paintings were incredibly dope with its meaningful interpretation. 

We were kinda lucky going there at the best time, not too crowded so not really surrounded by a bunch of humans taking selfies and self portrait; they stood before the artworks and had their picture taken then left without even looked at the artworks. 

It makes me question the purpose of people come to the art exhibition nowadays: 

is that for a sake of existence on social media? – like, taking photos of your face with the artworks as the background…that’s okay tho but, yeah, but it might seem more cool if you could stop for a while from capturing your beautiful face, an art created by God, and take a look at the artwork you use as a background on your pic…


is that because of the starving souls who are looking for inspiration or simply they want to be amazed of the amusing artworks by wonderful talented artists? Wandering around and astonishingly “wow” the artworks? 

Ah, that’s just a rhetorical question, no need to worry too much about it. As long as the artworks are appreciated and not broken, we all will be happy.

 It’s getting bigger and bigger every year! Looking forward to the next ArtJog! 

This one is my favorite!


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