Million Milestones

I was born on June 9, 1993. Nope, I forgot what time I was born. In some hours, I will turn 23. So many thoughts cross my mind. It feels so hard to face the birthday. It is totally different.

It was totally different. When I was a kid, birthday was the very special date. Waiting for that day, daydreaming about what dress I would be wearing, what cakes would I get, what gifts they would present to me, how many would come, what snacks and meals my mom would prepare. It was fun and exciting. 

It is totally different. I am scared. It feels like a big responsibility to grow older. 23 and I am nothing. I feel nothing. For this 22 some years, I believe I have done so many incredible things! But I don’t know. I haven’t reached my million milestones of everything. I am incredibly happy with what I have achieved. 

23. My 22 was extraordinary. Thank you for everything. Let’s be more awesome and gorgeous. 23, ready or not, I’d embrace you and let’s be magical together. 


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