Making Peace with My Lonely Soul

I think I need to write it out loud. Yes, I’ve been feeling quite lonely. So lonely even. No texts from the guy I like the most and the new guy who could lit my days and nights through texting also stops texting me too. I am kinda hoping he lost my number as the reason he does not send me any “hey mate” greetings. Too bad, I deleted his number since I was too disappointed by his texting behavior for benching me. 

The guy I like the most, he benched me like hundred times. Yet, I like him too much. All stupid and weird and drunk texts he sent me were like a doorprize. I felt like any single word he sent me was precious. Stupid me. He could drive me crazy. He made me feel like riding in rollercoaster. He brought me high and dropped me so sudden. He could make me smile like crazy for whole morning and acted like insane lady for whole evening. 

Now I realized how selfish he was, I could see how stupid and weird all of his texts were. 

I need to stop this. I need to have a high hope on him. Sure, I need to let it go. I need to make peace with my lonely soul and embrace all quietness within me. No more expectation. Embrace it. Inhale exhale. Bye, J. 

Welcome, new J. Be happy. Lit the lonely souls with positive rad and enjoy your new lonely phone era. You can survive without any guys texting you! No more being benched 🙂


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